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Hi, I'm Sasha and welcome to my page at Casakink.

To serve each other to the best of our abilities pay close attention to what I have to say about My likes and Dislikes.


I offer regular Massage or Dungeon sessions for one hour or longer. I DO NOT OFFER HALF HOUR SESSIONS.

When you visit Me for the first time please allow a little extra time, as I will need time to sit with you and build a connection and discuss your preferences, so that before we go and do more intimate things we already have a base of trust and understanding.  We'll sit down and talk about your likes, dislikes and fantasies.   I've enjoyed the company of many different people from experienced kinksters to wide eyed newbies coming to me for their first Massage or Dungeon experience.  Whatever you like is just fine with Me and I don't judge anybody.​

My tribute depends on the type of session be it a Massage or a Dungeon experience or anything in between.  Longer session times may receive a lower hourly tribute if they are over 2 hours – If you would like to discuss this please call Me.

Couples, females as well as males are welcome for any type of session.

It is helpful if you email Me so I know a little about yourself including your previous experiences, your likes and dislikes and scenes you might like to explore.  In addition to this it is important for you to let Me know the things you do not want to do.  I will always respect your wishes and limits as I expect you to respect Mine.

I prefer to arrange things via email, and mostly use my phone to be contacted in case of problems on the day of a session.  My number is listed on the site for that reason, and calls/text messages outwith the above will be ignored.


My weekly schedule is flexible.   I usually have a selection of daytime, evening and weekend options available.  An appointment for the same day is not generally possible although it happens sometimes with a cancellation So you can always try.  Usually I need at least 12 hours or 1 days' notice in order for me to book a venue.

I also require to confirm a scheduled session by text, email or whatsapp the day before the scheduled session.

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